Friday, December 12, 2014


We had been hearing for the last few days that some rain would be moving in to San Diego today.  Should we stay or go?  Noel and her roommates were as accommodating as possible and we felt welcome to stay another day, but we really wanted to get on the road.  So we went!  And it rained.

Getting out of San Diego was a small feat in itself.  Navigating cities is tougher when the roads are actually rivers.  It was kind of fun, too.  What can you do but smile when you bike through a puddle and it's a whole lot deeper than you thought?  Finally we reached the outskirts and started climbing.  The gas stations and stores faded to beautiful hills and mountains, and during the few breaks in the storm, we enjoyed the scenery very much.  The shoulder was also pretty good for most of the way.  Only in a few sections, namely the last big hill, were we riding in the road.  The hills, for once, were welcome.  We were chilled to the bone from the constant rain and wind, but hey, there's a mountain pass up there!  By the top of each big hill, we were nice and warm.

I don't have any photos from today because I didn't want to get the phone or my camera wet, but take it from me that, when we rounded the top of that final hill and looked down on Tecate, reality set in.  We were going to Mexico!  The border was a breeze, the only slight problem being that we were told about the papers, "No mojados."  Don't get them wet.  That was a challenge, but after we finished some forms (mostly dry) and paid $25 each, we were on our way with six month visas.

Once in Tecate, we changed some money, ate some delicious burritos for lunch, and found a hotel room for $20 to wait out the rain.  More adventures tomorrow.  Arrrrriba!

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