Tuesday, February 3, 2015

Adios, Guadalajara

We woke up this morning and, after a fantastic breakfast of eggs and pancakes, said our goodbyes.  Lu, thanks for everything and see you down the road!
The directions Lu gave us were simple, but leaving Guadalajara proved to be more difficult than just following the road. Lanes merged in and out, cars and trucks honked and weaved, and chaos generally reigned.  Slowly we made progress and finally got onto our road to Tepotitlan.  It was another toll road with many trucks but a big shoulder, so we made pretty good time in a non-stressful way, a welcome reprieve after the traffic-full morning.
Big shoulder!

Other than pulling two huge, rusty nails out of my wheels, the riding was relatively mundane.  Lots of hills, some cows, and some nice clouds to keep the temperature down.  Around 4 we arrived in Tepatlitlan, a small city.  There's a beautiful plaza, and we enjoyed walking around.
Instead of trying to camp at the fire station or somewhere else, we got a hotel, so we're living in luxury tonight!

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