Saturday, February 7, 2015

8 Months!

Miles biked: 7,825
Bird species seen: 207
Tires worn through: 5
Water bottle cages broken: 3
Tortillas eaten: thousands
Maximum speed attained by Danny: 44.6 mph 
Presentations given to high school students: 2

Wow. 8 Months. And now the adventure is really beginning.  Far from the wilds of the north we know and love, Mexico has been very different.  The language, the culture, the heat in the middle of winter... It has not all been easy to get used to.  Yet the friendliness of the people, the very same openness and generosity which so amazed and humbled us early on and remained constant throughout our time in Canada and the US, holds true here, perhaps to an even greater extent.  The kindness of the Mexicans has been legendary; read almost any of our daily entries to see for yourself.  And those are only the grand gestures.  We don't write on this blog about the smiles, the waves, the countless times a day we hear, "Adonde van?" (Where are you going?), because there would be just too much to write!  Unrecognized though all these small gestures may be, they add to a sense of belonging that we've received here in spades.

And the food... well, all I can say is that I ate dinner hours ago and am still comfortably stuffed!
What's not to love?

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