Monday, March 17, 2014

Plane tickets

It’s been a busy few weeks in southern California, working, saving our money, and getting ready for the trip.  We’ve had a few exciting developments recently. 

1)     Finally we’ve figured out a basic route through South America! After looking though our maps, researching cool national parks and historical sites, reading stories from other cycle tourist who have gone through the area, and talking to our friends who have lived or visited these places, we’ve been able to develop a basic plan of attack.  At times we’ll be following the Pan-American Highway, but for most of the time we’ll be off exploring other destinations.  To be honest, much of this route is subject to change based on local conditions and recommendations, but it’s a good place to start.
2)     We’ve tested the SPOT! We’ve figured out how to personalize the messages we’d like to send on our SPOT GPS device, and successfully sent text and e-mail messages. This little orange guy is going to be a great asset to our trip because it will allow our families and friends to track our progress on a detailed digital map as we travel.
3)     We’ve been researching required vaccinations and travel insurance.  Vaccinations are pretty straightforward, but there are a plethora of insurance options out there, and it’s going to be a challenge finding the right one.  Whatever we pick, it looks like we’re going to have to spend some  money getting some medical insurance coverage and immune system boosting before our departure.  Both worth the cost in the long run.
4)     Most exhilarating: we bought plane flights! It’s official. We both now have flights to Deadhorse, Alaska for June 6th.  I love one-way plane tickets.  Adventure is in the works.
As soon as we get our REI dividend back, we’re going to be finalizing our gear and preparing for an epic spring break trip  (the week of April 12th) involving biking to and backpacking in Kings Canyon National Park.  It will be the first true test of our gear and endurance.  We can’t wait.