Saturday, January 30, 2016

Fabulous Fotos From Fatcycling

We`ve been having a great time riding for the past few weeks with Dan and Gina. As a bonus, because Dan is a legitimate photographer, we now have some sweet photos of us! Check them out below.

Danny at El Tromen

Tam and Gina squaring off (Tam on Gina`s fatbike)

Danny carrying up Copahue

Smoky volcano singletrack

Helping out with a horse

Sometimes you gotta push

Kickin` up some dust

Tam shredding up some singletrack

Tam making up her own carry method to cross this river

Beautiful trails

Arm workout for the day

More beautiful trails

We bought pasta in a small shop to try out the stove thing for a few days... Tam`s face says it all

Danny and Gina cruising up near a volcano

Some crazy people in front of Volcan Lonquimay

Gotta love the vistas of Patagonia


  1. You're tossing out some great lures...Everytime I visit your blog, I get a little closer to having that discussion with Cricket (my bike)...I thrilled that you have these stellar photos for your treasure trove. Hugs for you. Deb

    1. Hopefully a positive conversation for you, if not for Cricket.
      Wishing you smooth roads and tailwinds,