Saturday, January 30, 2016

Bodega Calle

Welcome to the most beautiful place in Mendoza

A Fortunate Meeting
Last year while hiking near Bend, Oregon, Danny met a friendly guy named Kirk who happened to be hiking at the same pace. Kirk owns a winery just south of Mendoza and invited us to visit if we ever made it there. We love unexpected connections, and over a year later we finally got the chance to take Kirk up on his generous offer. We're far south of Mendoza now, but we wanted to put up this special post to commemorate our restful, happy few days at the winery.

154 Alberti: the street address of the winery and the name of their award-winning Malbec
An oak barrel, a frequent sight in these parts

The Story
When we arrive outside the gates of Bodega Calle, we are greeted by stylish Romina who welcomes us like we are old friends. The winery is spectacularly beautiful. The main room of the chalet has a long table under large windows overlooking grapes growing in the backyard. A side room has a bar for tasting and an excellent stereo. Next to the house is the bodega, where the wine is produced. The moment we walk inside our noses fill with the smell of aged wine. Walking the the medieval-looking passageways, we admire the oak barrels filled with wine then head upstairs to poke our heads inside giant concrete tanks where the grapes are added after the harvest. How do you know when the wine has aged sufficiently to move it to the barrels downstairs? You just know. Some sort of wine magic takes place here.

We spend two fantastic days in this little paradise, using the kitchen to cook up gourmet meals and then enjoying them with fine wines. We know nothing about wine, but the stuff they produce here tastes amazing.
Everything starts with these beautiful grapes...

...which are brought in here...

...with the help of some fancy machinery... enjoy some time in lovely oak barrels...

...and then even more time in more lovely oak barrels...

...before making their way into stylish bottles...

...and finally providing the perfect complement to gourmet, homemade pizza.

The most important lesson we learned

 We can't give enough thanks to Kirk and Romina for sharing this incredible space and their tasty fine wines!

Gracias, Romina!

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