Friday, April 24, 2015

Mega Skyline: Panama City

This morning, up bright and early, we nabbed a bus to Panama City.  There's no more construction after Santiago, but we had read that the Pan-Am, the only option, stays big and trafficked all the way.  Normally we would find different roads to take, but in Panama there just aren't other options. Knowing that the riding would be hot and stressful, we made the decision to spend our time in Panama enjoying the parks around the canal instead. 

Setting foot in Panama City was like entering another world.  Shiny, chaotic, and sweaty come to mind, only a few of the many adjectives that could be used to describe this cloud-scraping megalopolis. 
Luckily, it wasn't too hard to find our way out of the busy streets and out onto a newly constructed bike path. We spend an awesome afternoon cruising the green space along the coast and checking out the new biodiversity museum.  
Part of the impressive skyline
Quite a contrast from the rest of Central America! 

The Biodiversity Museum, building designed by Frank Gehry

Bridge of the Americas, Panama Canal

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