Monday, June 23, 2014

Cool Riding, June 8th 2014

We wake up on our gorgeous gravel bar, far from the road and next to a beautiful embankment made from thick, colorful sediment.  The day starts with us biking with our friend Keith.
It's very cold, and we struggle to find the proper balance of layers to wear while riding.

The low lying clouds reflect in the lakes of the tundra and seem to sandwich us and our road between them. Early on there are a few stretches of flat paved road that feel wonderful to bike on, but soon we are back to gravel.
tundra lake

Brooks Range
In the afternoon, it warms up a bit and the clouds start to clear. We get our first views of the Brooks Range in the distance.

The road is no longer flat; we start climbing up hills, then winding down through flat river valleys. Our ride ends with a giant gravel hill named "Oil Spill Hill." Exhausted, we find a spot to camp by the river and drink silty water.

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