Tuesday, February 9, 2016

20 Months: Just the Numbers

We`ve been on the road for 20 months! Here`s our trip in a nutshell:

Distance bicycled:
16,334 miles (26,288 kilometers), approximately
National Parks visited: 27, plus countless other types of reserves
Bird species positively identified: 523
4,000-meter (13,100-foot) passes ascended: 47
Highest altitude bicycled (loaded): 16,325 feet (4,976 meters), Punta Pumacocha, Peru
Highest altitude bicycled (unloaded): 18,900 feet (5,760 meters), Cerro Uturuncu, Bolivia
Highest altitude attained on foot: 20,144 feet (6,140 meters), Volcan Queva, Argentina
Stamps from Argentina and Chile in our passports: 29 (they made a mistake at one entry and gave Tam two stamps)
Touring cyclists seen on the Ruta de Siete Lagos: 43


  1. This is incredible! I love statistics.
    I also love you two. I brag about your adventure often, and am still inspired by you. I biked up a 100ft hill today while trying to catch a train and nearly had an asthma attack. Oi.

    1. Thanks, Cass! Our technique for going up hills can save you from asthma attacks.
      Step 1: Shift into your lowest gear.
      Step 2: Pedal very slowly.
      Step 3: Give up and push.
      Much love from the two of us!