Tuesday, August 12, 2014

An Amazing Ride to Stewart

We convinced Pam and Monica, the two cyclists we met at the campground last night, to ride the side trip to Stewart, BC and Hyder, AK, with us.  It's 80 miles round trip, and at the end of the road is a famous bear feeding and salmon spawning area.  We set off together in the morning and rode the most beautiful road down to the coast.  Snowy mountains with glaciers atop, waterfalls cascading down, lined the road.
Rivers, bears, a clear sky... what a great ride!  At one point we passed through a narrow canyon, the walls shutting out the sunlight, and rode next to a muddy, raging river.  Then back into the big mountains and sunlight.  
Tonight we are going to try and see some bears feeding, then tomorrow we'll head back up the scenic road to Meziadin Junction.

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