Friday, October 10, 2014


Pictures are up for the last few days written by Tamara.

Not much to say about today.  We left the fly off the tent and woke up to a colorful sunrise through the mesh.  The sun took awhile to warm everything up, and our 1,000-foot descent over the first 20 miles was frigid!  But it gradually warmed up, especially because we soon began to go back up big hills, one after another.  The shoulder was small where it was even present, which made riding somewhat stressful.  We stopped for lunch at a park in Quincy, where we found this:
That's an outlet on a tree.  Unfortunately it didn't work.
Then we headed back out to the hills.  Not too many trucks, fortunately.  20 or 30 miles later we passed through the town of Graeagle and found a quiet riverbank.

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