Wednesday, October 1, 2014

Back To Bend, September 30

Yesterday we met a nice couple, Marsha and John, who invited us to their house in Bend.  Unfortunately we had just come from there, but then they offered to drive us to Bend and back up the hill to our trailhead!  Can't refuse that!  So we hiked a few miles out and got picked up by Marsha.  She had apples and sandwiches for us in the car, which was fantastic by itself, then we went to their place and hopped in the hot tub!  It was wonderful to hang out there for the afternoon.  Then we had dinner, a magnificent spread of great food and interesting conversation with John, Marsha, their daughter Hilary (who's our age), and Hilary's friend Elena.  And then we had a big bed to sleep in!  We are truly thankful for their generosity.
John, Marsha, and Topsy

Elena is a nordic skier who is currently training to represent the under-23 American team for the world championships!  Check out her website here:

Using John and Marsha's computer last night, I was able to upload my pictures to flickr.  Check them out under Gallery!

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  1. Danny and Tam were fabulous house guests and we enjoyed their company. They rated extremely high on our house-guest rating system and are welcomed back anytime!! We look forward to following your adventures. Love, Marsha, John and Topsy, too.