Monday, June 23, 2014

Mountains and Mosquitoes, June 17th 2014

After a rough night of sleeping on uncomfortable rocks and waking up to the sound of trucks that I thought were bears, I wake up and go talk to the other cyclists camped by us. One is Daniel from Sweden, also planning on going south to Argentina, and the other two are Katrien and Manu, from Belgium, planning on going somewhere in Mexico. All three are very friendly. The leave earlier than we do, but we're sure that we will see them down the road. The biking starts off with small but steep ups and downs, but slowly these become big mountains and valleys. The mosquitoes are out of control.  Going slow on the uphill, I am completely mobbed. Any section of exposed skin is destroyed by bug bites. My ankles and hands swell up with the bites and feel like they're on fire.  The first big hill is called Gobblers Nob, the second is the Beaver Slide, and the third is Finger Mountain.
Beaver Slide up ahead.  Those dots ahead in the road are Manu, Katrien, and Daniel
We see our friends at the top of the Beaver Slide, stopping to camp for the night. Thankfully, near the end of our day it turns windy so most of the mosquitoes go away. We pitch our tent at the top of Finger Mountain on the edge of a beautiful nature trail.
It has a large, protruding rock that looks like a finger

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