Sunday, January 11, 2015

Adventures With Goats!

Danny and I both had great, but extremely different weeks.
My family in La Paz is simply wonderful. All week they cooked me delicious traditional mexican food and helped me practice spanish. Mostly I talked with Alicia and Vicente, young grandparents.
Vicente is an amazing artist and spent a whole afternoon showing me his artwork and different techniques.
Se Habla La Paz has been a good experience so far. This first week I had two young and energetic teachers- Adriana and Jassiel- who were both awesome. The other students in my class were extremely fun to work and learn with. Kaitlin, Memo, and Jason thanks for all the laughs!
Outside of school I've been trying to explore the city a bit and on Friday I went to a nearby beach. I didn't think it was possible, but this beach was more beautiful than La Bahia de Concepcion.
Sunset at the beach

While I've been living the city life, Danny has been out at the ranch. Duties each day include milking the cow and putting her and the young bull out to pasture, hiking with the goats so that they can graze on the tasty desert plants, and feeding and milking the goats. In between all of this Danny built a chicken coop so that they can start collecting eggs from the chickens.

This weekend I went out to the ranch and had a fantastic time. Danny works with two other WOOFers- Thomas and Clement- both from France. They were great to spend time with. On Saturday I helped Miguel (the owner of the ranch) paint a sign to advertise his goat cheeses. 
The new sign (I only had black and white paint)

Today Danny and I went hiking with the goats for 5 hours. They are gentle and agile creatures.
Danny helping the goats reach some delicious leaves
Part of the herd 
One of the goats named Duna always waited for me if I got stuck behind.
Spectacular vistas with the goats 
So cute 
Dogs all chilling in the shade after a long morning hiking with the goats

Both Danny and I are both looking forward to one more week at our respective homes.

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