Sunday, November 2, 2014

At the Taylors

June at the farmer's market

Making the frame bag

We spent yesterday and today with our good friend Karis and her family in Ventura.  Most of our time went to making frame bags for our bikes, but we still found some time to play music and watch movies.  It has been a restful few days, and we cannot thank Bayard, June, and Karis enough for allowing us to make a huge mess of their living room, winding bobbins and triple-stitching seams, dressing up, recommending melodious bluegrass tunes, cooking delicious food, and generally being supremely wonderful people!

The newly handmade frame bags:

These, for now, are additions to the rear panniers and backpacks we carry.  Our setup will change more in the next few weeks... Stay tuned for updates.

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