Saturday, August 2, 2014

Exploring the Capital of the Yukon

After hanging out at Alpine Bakery (this is a stop you cannot miss if you are ever in Whitehorse) and enjoying the farmer's market yesterday, we decided we liked the town so much that we had to stay another day.  It was about time for a rest day anyway.  We made delicious pancakes this morning, then spent some time biking along the Yukon, exploring the shops on Main Street, and visiting local bike shops. 
Fireweed by the gorgeous clear blue Yukon River

In the afternoon we visited the dam and learned a lot about salmon. Whitehorse has the longest wooden fish ladder in the world: 366m long! Although the salmon were not jumping up the ladder, we saw them pooling at the bottom.  Huge and powerful fish who have traveled upstream almost 3,000km to get here!
The spillway at the dam and part of the fish ladder. 

Can you see the giant shadowy salmon?

But what has made our stay in Whitehorse so special is getting to know our warmshowers host, Jeremie.  He has been more than welcoming, opening his home (and hot tub!) to us. It's been wonderful having such a comfortable place to stay and getting to know Jeremie, his son Finn, and partner Shannon. Thanks so much for everything!
Tomorrow we're planning on getting back on the road.  We'll post some new stories as soon as we find more free wifi.

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